June 07, 2021

A line drawing over the wood grain print

By Leon Loughridge
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A line drawing over the wood grain print

Printing over the
wood grain background,
Chaco Sojourn

I was pleased with the results of printing a wood grain onto dry paper using the moku hanga method.  Enough of the grain printed to create a nice pattern but not as a solid color.  Now to print the line drawing over it as a silkscreen.

I had created the line drawings on a mylar sheet and then transferred those to the silkscreens. With the drawing on the screen aligned to the page, I was ready to print.

I proofed the drawing using a brown color I had mixed from another image. I wasn't totally pleased with the color as I wanted it have a little more punch. I adjusted the mix by adding some Golden Silkscreen Medium which I use as my ink base. I then added a few drops of green and blue Mixol Universal Pigments to darken the mix.

The color mix ended up a touch too dark, so I added some more of the silkscreen medium to lighten it. Think of a watercolor mix which when you add more water, it lightens.

So now the work begins as I print enough for the entire book edition. The only thing that printed this time was the line drawing, all the type was previously printed.

The full illustration spans two pages across the top of the pages. Once the pages are folded and collated, the illustration will read as complete. 

Chaco Sojourn