August 16, 2021

A New Woodblock, "Ascension"

By Leon Loughridge
A New Woodblock, "Ascension"

The Ascension Woodblock is complete. It is printed on a Japanese paper using the moku hanga method of printing. 
There is something about the San Luis chapel that is so inspiring. Every time I stop by for a visit I say to myself that I have enough images of the chapel. But, then I find a new view that I just have to capture. 

The woodblock will be a part of the "Graveyard Shift" exhibit at the Brinton Museum in Wyoming in late October. 
It will also be exhibited at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, Small Works, Great Wonders exhibit and the Coors Westen Art Exhibit, Denver, CO. 

11" x 11",  Edition 16
Unframed $850   Framed $1200
Gallery Sales Only

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