June 23, 2022

"Afternoon Thunderhead" is off to the gallery

By Leon Loughridge
"Afternoon Thunderhead" is off to the gallery
Bmoor-7th Run

Some images seem to complete themselves, or the multiple layers of color being printed seem to come together all on their own. With the red roofs printed, I started to develop the foreground color by printing a yellow over the lower half of the warm block. After a bit of carving, I printed a darker green with a blue green gradation at the top of the mountains, and followed that with a bit more carving in the grass area and another green layer. All this in a single day of printing. 




The next day was spent carving and designing the final color runs. I find the Moku Hangan process so inspiring because of the ability to be spontaneous during the printing process. If I have an idea, I can quickly do a little carving and then print just a section of the block to accent a color area in the image.

So, I guess that is what happen on the next printing day as I seem to have forgotten to take photos along the stages. Four color runs were used to print the darks accents with carving between each color run. 

Bmoor Final  Bmoor Detail

The image was printed on a heavy paper which I have had sitting around the studio for a while. There were only 12 sheets and so the edition of 9 good prints is small. 

Not much is left of the original blocks. The cool block on the left printed the sky and the green layers. The warm block on the right printed the ochres and reds and eventually the accent line work. 

Bmoor Cool Block  Bmoor Warm Block
Broadmoor woodblock