March 08, 2021

Bishop's Chapel woodblock pretty much done

By Leon Loughridge
Bishops Chapel woodblock, Last Color Run
Bishops Chapel Woodblock

The large woodblock of Bishop's Chapel is pretty much Bishops Chapel woodblock- completedone. Just a few color accents and on to framing.  There was a debate as what to do in the foreground. One opinion was to add details under the rocks lining the walk and the other opinion was to go for a solid color to edge the rocks and push the step shadows. 

I was nervous about registering the dark linework that would accent the rocks. The paper I was using is machine made an d somewhat thick. So when it gets damp, it expands which is normally ok but this was expanding unevenly. I thought I was dampening the paper unevenly, but no, the paper just seemed to have a mind of its own. 

So I chose the solid color printed as a gradation on the steps and under the rocks. I am actually pleased I chose this route as I think it makes for a stronger image. Suddenly, the hollyhocks seemed to be grounded and not look as if they were floating. The gradation also makes the hollyhocks stand out. 

Now to print just a few color accents and then it is finally done after a solid month of work. 

BishopsLodge woodblock