May 31, 2021

Carving the sky for Spirit Bear Clouds

By Leon Loughridge
Carving the sky for Spirit Bear Clouds

Carving the Sky for
Spirit Bear Clouds

The start

Starting the carve on the final run for the sky, or I hope it's the final run. I start by drawing what I want to carve with a sharpie marker. I treat the lines as suggestions and let my carving develop a flow.

More details

I usually start off carving slowly, until I get a feel for the grain and hardness of the wood. Then, I can start to play with the line work, adding shapes as I go.


I am only carving the top portion of the block and plan to print that by itself. Dividing the block into manageable sections makes printing easier and cleaner. It also allows me to play with print techniques.

Once the carving is complete, then its time to start thinking about the color and technique. I saved the color mix from the last run and so plan to add a touch more blue and ochre to darken the color. But just a touch darker so it remains subtle, yet dark enough so the line work will just show. This means I spend a fair amount of time mixing and adjusting the color before I even start printing.

I should post mixing and printing photos this evening. It's a rare wet and rainy day here in Colorado, so I should get a lot done in the studio.

Spirit Bear Clouds woodblock