January 14, 2022

Fajada Butte from Chaco Sojourn

By Leon Loughridge
Fajada Butte from Chaco Sojourn

"The desert reassembles itself into an algebra of ritual. The sun’s blast radius still defers to long shadows for another hour or two."

This is one of the last images to be printed for Book Four in the Chaco Sojourn Series.  Fajada Butte stands as a lone sentinel in the Chaco Canyon basin. It catches the first rays of sunshine every morning. 


There were five hand drawn screens used to print the image. Photo 1 shows the first two color runs, an orangish ochre and a pale grayed out blue. Already the shapes in the image are established and now to build the drama. 

FajadaButte-run3-proof  FajadaButte-run3-screen

Photo 2 shows the third color printed on a blank sheet and Photo 3 is the inked screen. The ink is pulled across the screen, pressing ink through the open areas of the screen which is the drawing. The dark green areas of the screen are blocked off with an emulsion allowing the ink to pass through only the open areas of the screen. Photo 4 is the result of the printing. 

FajadaButte-Run3  FajadaButte-run5-proof

Photo 5 is the final dark color printed as a proof and Photo 6 shows the two final color runs. This is the first full page illustration in the book. 


Chaco Sojourn is a collection of four short stories by Santa Fe author/poet John Macker. The books have been completely hand printed and bound at the DCArtPress studio. Visit Chaco Sojourn (dcartpress.com)  to learn more about the book series. 

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