December 14, 2020

From Watercolor to Woodblock

By Leon Loughridge
From Watercolor to Woodblock
Morada In Taos Woodblock

This is a watercolor sketch I did one morning while staying at the Mable Dodge Lujan B&B in Taos. The setting of the B&B is stunning as it backs right up the the mountains. There were a few small preliminary sketches so I could get a feel for the light and colors. Back in the studio, I decided I liked the sketch and started the process of translating it into a woodblock. The woodblock exhibited at the Coors Western Art Exhibit 2014. The edition almost sold out during the show and has since sold out.

There is always a challenge to translate the mood of a watercolor into a woodblock. Creating a watercolor sketch is a spontaneous reaction to the scene. A woodblock develops slowly over numerous stages of carving and printing. The reduction process helps to keep some spontaneity in the process. 

Below is an image of the watercolor.

Morada In Taos Watercolor

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