January 25, 2021

Going for the Color

By Leon Loughridge
Going for the Color

With the sky complete, it is time to start on the color. The first color printed always seems so drastic and I wonder "what have I done?" But as more layers are added, that color seems to calm down. There is a lot of faith at this point in the printing and I am always referring to the original watercolor sketch to check on chroma and value. 

Up to this point I have used only two blocks. The sky was all printed with one block which was carved away between


each color run. The yellow is a new block and the 7th color run. I printed just the lower half of the block. 

The tan color is a new block which means I am up to three blocks to print 8 color runs. 

For the orange, I re-carved the yellow block and then printed parts of the hollyhocks as a gradation where the color fades out at the bottom. 

BishopsLodge woodblock