July 19, 2022

Hi-tech arrives at Indian Creek

By Leon Loughridge
Hi-tech arrives at Indian Creek

After a month of delay, we finally have some internet service at the cabin, which means I can stay up to date on the blog. That little red barn behind all those trees is the relay point for the signal to our house. The signal arrives into our secluded valley from a radio tower on a low peak overlooking the valley.

 Since the last post, which hi-lighted the woodblock "Summer Thunderhead", work has progressed on the “Cottonwood Pass” woodblock 

“Summer Thunderhead” was a fun woodblock to create as it had just two blocks, each reduced multiple times between printings, and all went as planned. The 12x9" print was printed in an edition of 9 prints. Small editions are enjoyable as they seem to come together quickly, while larger editions demand more attention and time.



CottonwoodPass Rocks 2d Color

The “Cottonwood Pass” woodblock is one of those prints demanding more attention, time and thought. The concept for the block was a small watercolor that had the major color shapes resolved but left the details and smaller shapes to be refined while creating the block. There are four blocks being used to create the image, picking and choosing which area of which block to use to print the desired area and color.






After printing a second detail run over the rocks in the foreground, I realized that I needed to print transparent color over the rocks to create a bit of variation. This would entail creating a new block to print those solid colors. Fortunately, there was one area on one of the blocks where the foreground area had not been carved and so the drawing was transferred to the open area using carbon paper and a tracing of the image. Those double lines in the middle are where I let the tracing slip out of register. The next step was to carve away the areas that would not print.


The photo shows the rocks partially carved with the black lines remaining in relief and the rest carved away. Once the rocks were fully carved, it was time to pull some proofs. Mixing color can be a bit of guess work. I usually have an idea of what I want and will take a few color proofs to get the color just right, which was the case on this one.

As I am printing a color, I am usually planning the next color and carve. The green grass needs some darks to accent the rock shapes and I want to start developing the shapes in the tall spruce tree. So, I will draw directly onto the block as to what I want to print. After the carving is complete, I will proof a few colors. 





Studio Posts

And a quick update on the studio construction. With one structure assembled, we started on the second. My son Stuart was in town and so helped out setting up the vertical posts. Once they are both built, then I will start on the roofing. 

Summer Studio woodblock