July 27, 2021

La Sauces Woodblock Completed

By Leon Loughridge
La Sauces Woodblock Completed

It is always exciting to complete a woodblock image. Sometimes it comes as a surprise. I had planned on another 2 to 3 color runs but when I proofed the ink on the 15th color run, I realized that the image was complete. This was a pleasant surprise and had me thinking about the image and what inspired it all.


So how do I know that an image is complete? Mostly it is a feeling. The combination of colors and shapes generates a mood and story. The challenge is to say enough to convey the mood/story without overexplaining or becoming redundant. I like that details are suggested which allows or engages the viewer to interpret the image with their own personal memories.

I am not looking for an exact copy of the original sketch but rather to capture the mood of the original sketch. The original sketch for this piece was a pastel that I did on site.