February 05, 2021

Lots of Carving, Now to print

By Leon Loughridge
Lots of Carving, Now to print

Two days of carving and now for a day of printing. How exciting. I have two double sided blocks that I spent the last two days sorting out what gets printed and then did the carving. The beauty of the moku hangan process is that I can print multiple color runs within a day.


So, here's the plan.  The first color to print will be a pale gray blue over the chapel steeple and the shadow side of the porch posts. I will deal with the shadow side of the building later. 



The next color run will be REDS using the block that has already printed the yellow and orange. The red will print on the hollyhocks and small window only. The upper areas I am leaving as orange. The plan for the hollyhocks is to have red areas showing thru the green which will print next. The red line work, positioned in shadow areas on the leaves, will be under the green and so show up as a brown. 

The next color to print will be a gradation on the roof. I will be using the Green Block  tho I am not printing a green. The gradation will move from the top edge of the roof and fade out towards the eave. 

And since the Green Block is on the table and after the roof gradation is complete, I will print the green on the hollyhocks and window frames. So, when I say print a green  I don't mean a solid green. Some areas will be diluted down with more water to let the under color show thru more. This is a decision I make as I am ding the initial color proofs for that run. 

And, thinking hopefully, the last color run for the day will be to print a warm gray on the roof detail carve. The last step will be to take a sigh and put the prints between blotters to dry flat so they are ready for the next print marathon.