June 01, 2022

More Carving and Winter's Arrival?

By Leon Loughridge
More Carving and Winter's Arrival?


Seems like summer may never arrive. The last day of May started out as a wonderfully sunny day, allowing for a great carving session on a woodblock of Cottonwood Pass. The only distractions were the militant hummingbirds fighting over the feeder and large turkey wandering by. 

Cottonwood Pass
Cottonwood Pass Detail

I am shooting for the block to be mostly completed by the end of July when I will be at the Ann Korologos Gallery for an extended weekend. I plan to print the final colors runs at the gallery during the weekend demo session. 

Soon after lunch, the storm started to blow in and by 5pm, the wet heavy snow was piling up on the nylon roof of the tent. I just get the feeling the tent was not designed for this wild spring weather.


We pushed the snow off the roof and then covered the tent with a heavy tarp and staked it out tight . A total of 6" of snow fell by the next morning, June 1. That makes a total of some 30" of snow that has fallen in the last two weeks on top of the poor little tent studio. 

May 31 snow
Summer Studio woodblocks