February 03, 2021

Planning Out Carving Details on Bishop's Chapel

By Leon Loughridge
Planning Out Carving Details on Bishop's Chapel
Time to start the carve for the final color accent on the flowers in the foreground of the Bishop's Lodge woodblock. The flowers will be fairly prominent in the image and so will need some indication of detail. 
The first image shows the color block after I have printed the orange. The next color to print will be red which will be the red hollyhock flowers. Also, I will use the red to help define the shadows in the greens (the plants).  And , yes, a cup of tea is a must for a couple of hours of carving.
My first step is to plan out where the red flowers will be along with the shadows in the plants.  I use a Sharpie fine marker to draw where I want color. Again, there are lots of lines and detail as the flowers are prominent in the foreground design. 
BishopsLodge woodblock