June 05, 2021

Printing a woodgrain for Chaco Sojourn

By Leon Loughridge
Printing a woodgrain for Chaco Sojourn

Chaco Sojourn

Printing a wood grain on dry paper.


To Begin;

I align the paper to a guide that serves as a mask allowing the wood grain to print in a certain area. I hold the paper in place with two bag weights.

The First Step ;

I pull the paper back showing the mask/guide. That is taped into place and flipped back so the grain can be inked. The guide is made with tyvek which is durable and somewhat waterproof.


The printing area is taped off with masking tape which corresponds to the mask opening. Using my normal moku hanga ink mix, I ink up the print area with a thin and wet ink.


I use a thin sheet of cellophane between the baren and the paper so I don't abrade the paper surface. I will be printing a line drawing over the wood grain. I use a textured baren with a firm pressure.

The Grain Printed;

And the grain is printed and ready for the next layer to be printed. That will be a simple line drawing printed in a darker ink. Now to repeat the process some forty more times.

Chaco Sojourn woodblock