September 13, 2021

Printing "Forlorn Souls Study"

By Leon Loughridge
Forlorn Souls Woodblock

"Forlorn Souls Study" is a small woodblock printed in preperation for the larger woodblock "San Geronimo". The small woodblock study has helped answer many of the printing questions before I embark on the larger version. 

Watercolor, San Geronimo by Leon Loughridge

The concept started from a  little watercolor which became the road map for the woodblock. It held the mood that I was striving for as I developed and defined shapes in the image.

Forlorn Souls Study woodblock by Leon Loughridge

After four color runs, I realized the sky needed more punch. I liked the pattern in the sky but the under tone needed to darken to give a sense of a darkening sky. The sky areas on both the warm and cool blocks had been carved which meant there was not an uncarved area to print the sky as a solid. Fortunately, I had used an oversized block which had excess room on one side. After carving new areas of the block, the sky was darkened with two color runs. 

It is the resolution of these problems on the small study that make the larger woodblock version that much stronger. 

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