January 10, 2021

Printing of Chaco Sojourn Begins

By Leon Loughridge
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Printing of Chaco Sojourn Begins

A wonderful way to spend a snowy day! I printed the final two serigraph color runs on the full page illustration for the new book "Chaco Sojourn". There are four sort prose stories by Santa Fe poet John Macker. This is an illustration from the first story. The books will be released separately over the next year and will be available by subscription. 

The first image was created using five different stencils and watercolor washes. It sounds easy but is far more of a challenge than I expected. 

The second image is of the first serigraph color run which printed the sienna line work. I lay an mylar film over the stencil image and then draw onto the mylar with an opaque ink which creates my film positive. That is then exposed to a screen with a light sensitive emulsion. The areas not exposed to light, the drawing, washes away with water leaving the line work as open screen. 
Chaco Sojourn-FirstSerigraph
. The final color run was a transparent crimson blue color to add a touch of depth in the ruins and some line work on the distant hills. And now it is just waiting for the type. 
Book Chaco Sojourn woodblock