August 08, 2021

Printing on a Vandercook 99

By Leon Loughridge
Printing on a  Vandercook 99

The Vandercook 99 dating from 1936 was the original office copier. The stand came with  extra type and a side tray for inking. Watch out Xerox.  It is a wonderful table top press to print small runs. I have it set up in the Studio/Gallery here at Bishops Lodge in Santa Fe and I get guest to print their own note cards of Bishops Chapel. 

I have been printing with a Speedball Waterbased Relief Ink which is better than I expected. I do add some Glycerin to the ink to keep it from drying out. It does build up on the block surface and so I have had to clean the block surface every 15 minutes or so. 

The press is graciously on loan from the Englewood Depot in Englewood/Denver, CO while I am here at the Bishops Lodge. is the home to a wealth of information and presses from days gone by.