August 20, 2022

Progress on the studio and woodblocks

By Leon Loughridge
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Progress on the studio and woodblocks
ElkThe local building inspector stopped by to check on the progress of the studio. Was a surprise to see him out the kitchen window.

The roof went up today as well as a French drain. The metal roof will go up next week after it is painted to match the roofs on the existing buildings. Had to rush putting up the last piece of plywood as the afternoon rain was starting. 



Today was a carving day. I enjoy focusing on carving for a day, taking my time with each block. I set the print in its current state in front of me so I can decide what the image needs next. I choose the block with the appropriate raised area and draw with a permanent felt tip pen what I want to have print. Then the carving starts with some mild music as a background. I have learned not to have energetic music going when I am carving as I have, on numerous occasions, carved away an area I wanted to have print in my enthusiasm. 


The Cranes woodblock is getting close with three or four colors runs to go. As I get close to completion, I slow down and look at the image as it is. I try not to inject preconceived ideas into the image, especially at the end. Often, those ideas don't blend with the continuity of the image and add a second focal point, creating a distracted composition. 




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