June 09, 2021

Spirit Bear Clouds; 8th and 9th Runs

By Leon Loughridge
Spirit Bear Clouds; 8th and 9th Runs

Spirit Bear clouds

Printing color runs
8 and 9.

Color Run 8, The carve

I decided to print subtle line work over the previous solid color at the top of the sky. The process starts with me drawing my line work with a Shapie fine line marker. The carving does take time. I have found if I don't try to rush, then it actually goes quicker. And, with the liners close together, the cuts don't have to be that deep at all. 

COLOR RUN 8 - Detail
It took about two short mornings to cut the sky ( 3 hours) while listening to the morning news. I dampened the paper on the second morning and by that afternoon, I was ready to print. The line work is subtle but distinct enough to see and give texture and interest.

Usually, as I am printing I start to think of what color will come next and how to approach the carve. Since the theme seems to be line work, I drew in shapes to the lower clouds and then carved that out.  I like printing or building the image in increments. It seems much like sketching outdoors in that I can think about what needs to happen next to compliment what I have on the paper. 

Spirit Bear Clouds woodblock