December 29, 2020

The Fourth Color Run from one block.

By Leon Loughridge
The Fourth Color Run from one block.

Here is the printing from the carve on the 2nd block. This makes the fourth color run on the print, three from the 1st block and the fourth color run from the 2nd block.

At this point many ask "Who's on first base?". It does get confusing once there are a few blocks being carved and printed. As the blocks are carved and the print area is reduced, it becomes a little clearer as to what block will print what color. One thing that helps me is that from the beginning, I label the blocks as warm, cool and accents. I visualize a plan as to what basic colors each block will print and am always counting on the overlaps of color runs to create new colors. 



My next step is to start "building" or printing the foundation colors for the color accents. The plan is to print at least three colors runs using the accent block moving from yellow to red. I don't need yellow in the upper portion of the block, just where the green will eventually be. I am always referring to the original watercolor and consider that my road map. 

One of the benefits of using the Moku Hanga print method is that I need only to ink the areas of the block I want to print. I did not carve away the sky, and left a small caved buffer between a printing area and non-printing area.  So that funny little black dot above the chapel steeple will be a color accent. 

I leave raised areas in the block as "risers". These do not get inked and support the paper so that it doesn't slump into the carved areas. I don't want to pick up any excess ink that may be in the lows (craved out areas).