Mt Rainier, Soft Ground Etching

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Mt Rainier
Soft Ground Etching
Hand Colored
Image: 7.75 x 5.5"
Paper: 11x8.75
Edition of 50

There are two prints available, 17/50 or 28/50. 

This is a soft ground etching that has been water-colored. A soft ground etching is where a soft wax is applied to a polished metal plate. A light sheet of paper with a drawing guidelines is gently taped over the waxed metal plate. A sharp pencil is used to complete the drawing on the overlain paper. The pencil applies enough pressure to lift the wax, exposing the metal plate where ever a pencil line was drawn.

The plate is then immerse in an acid bath to etch the metal. When the plate is eventually inked, this etched line is what holds the ink, creating the printed image.