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A collection of note cards from the DCArtPress Studio. Choose from an assortment of hand-printed woodblock cards or digitally printed cards that range in size from 4.25x5" to 5.5x8.5". All cards are designed to mail with a regular rate USPS stamp. 

IN STOCK CARDS:  These are cards that we keep in stock and that can be ordered in quantities up to 100.

BLOCK NOTES: These are hand-printed note cards usually with 4 to 5 colors. These open editions, and are printed at gallery demos or by special order. They are printed on a heavier 8.5x11" Japanese paper that folds to fit in a 5.5x8.5 envelope. 

EDITIONED CARDS: These are cards that are printed as a one time run and that cannot be reprinted. Usually, these have been hand-printed from woodblocks. 

SPECIAL ORDERS: Special order cards can be printed digitally or woodblocks. Contact us for more details as each order is slightly different.