"Runner" Over-Print Woodblock from Cimarron Trail Book

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Four color Reduction Woodblock
by Leon Loughridge
Paper Measures 10.5" x 10.5"
Image Measures 6" x 4"
Paper is in good clean condition
Pencil Signed
Page is printed on both sides. There are slight flaws when the type was printed and so the pages were not used in the hand-bound book.

"Runner" is an over-print from the book "The Cimaron Trail" which was published in 2010 in an edition of 30 books. The hand printed book follows the Santa Fe Trail along the Cimaron Cut-off. The trial left the Arkansas River in Kansas and headed southwest through dry arid country. Travelers had to be prepared for hardship and, for safety, traveled in large groups.

A note about Over-Prints: "Over Prints" are the extra pages left over when hand printing a book. These can be proofs to make sure the color and registration are correct on a page. They can also be that too many impressions were printed. To "print safe", more impressions are printed than needed in case there is a mistake when printing the type. 

Over Prints usually appear the same as they are in the book, unless they are color proofs. 


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