Chaco Sojourn

Chaco Sojourn is a new book collaboration between Leon Loughridge and John Macker and will consist of four short stories by New Mexico author John Macker. His visions of the transcendent lives of people (and wildlife) existing in Chaco Canyon come alive with his evocative prose. With this backdrop, Macker’s stories follow a thread through different periods of time, illuminating the heated canyon’s embrace and effect on the various characters, some of whom are strangers to the canyon. The settings are contemporary, historic and allegorical, engaging the reader’s imaginations and experiences.
The stories are accompanied by the woodblocks and serigraphs of Leon Loughridge. The subtle tones and colors of the artwork allow the reader to personalize the images accompanying Macker’s words. All the illustrations have been hand-printed by Loughridge at his Denver studio. Once printed, the pages are collated and hand-bound into the volumes with each volume signed by both artists.


Presentation and Binding

Each volume will be finished in a hard cover with an illustrated volume title on the cover. The pages will be printed as double sheets and bound as signatures so the pages lay flat when the volume is opened.
The volume pages will measure 11” x 8 1/2” with the cover measuring 11 1/4” x 8 3/4”.
A slip case will be provided with the first volume which will house all four volumes when complete.


Printing began in January of 2021 with the first volume scheduled to be available to subscribers in late March of 2021. Subsequent volumes will be printed and released throughout the year of 2021.
Each volume will be printed in an edition of 30. Subscribers will receive subscriber-pricing on each release, along with a bonus “over-run” print from the volume.
The volumes will be available as sets only until the third volume has been published. Sales of individual volumes will begin after Volume Three has been released.
The initial offering will be made to past clients and collectors. Subscribers will receive the same edition number throughout the publication and have the option of choosing an available edition number when initiating their subscription.










The publication is totally self funded which means that Macker and Loughridge have full control over the design and presentation of the books. 

One means of funding is selling "page overruns" from previous publications.