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Cherry Veneer Panel

Cherry Veneer Panel

$ 4.00

Cherry Veneer Panels are easy to carve, hold fine detail during printing and are easy to set-up on different presses. Cherry is the traditional wood used for Japanese woodblocks. The grain is very even and carves easily with little splintering and will hold fine detail carving under the pressure of multiple pressings.

The Cherry Panels are a 1/4" (.635mm)  thick MDF panel with a cherry veneer mounted to one side. The MDF, a wood fiber composite, carves easily yet has great strength to withstand repeated pressings. The cherry veneer will hold finely carved details and is easier to carve than solid walnut or cherry. 

Whether using a letterpress, etching press or a hand guide, the 1/4" panels simplify press set-up. For letterpress, a standard backing can be fabricated to raise the panel to type-high. Check out the Kento Guides that can be used in conjunction with a letterpress, etching press or as a stand alone guide.


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